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Orca Pacific is the premier manufacturers’ representative agency in Seattle with an exclusive focus on Amazon. We have been working hand in hand with Amazon for over a decade and pride ourselves on being experts in every facet of their platform. We represent top manufacturers across all major categories at Amazon, and our office is located within walking distance from Amazon’s campus in Seattle, WA.

Our team at Orca Pacific is comprised of a tight-knit group of professionals from diverse but complimentary backgrounds. These team members include former Amazonians, retail industry veterans and digital marketing gurus. This level of expertise gives us a unique ability to maximize our clients’ potential on the Amazon platform.

Our mission is to maximize our clients’ top line volume year over year on Amazon. We achieve this by offering a turn-key service and leveraging an unprecedented level of expertise in the Amazon platform. We capitalize on every opportunity available to grow our clients’ businesses while maintaining a rock-solid level of integrity and professionalism.

  • Integrity as a Process

    In our business integrity is paramount to long term success. It protects and enhances our reputation, which ensures our longevity and effectiveness. Since our company’s inception, we have striven to act with the utmost integrity in everything we do. This is the benchmark by which all decisions are made and our investment in this principal cannot be overstated.

  • All Around Professionalism

    For us, professionalism is more than just a buzzword. From routine emails to top-to-top sales meetings, the mark of professionalism can be seen in everything we do. Our attitude and demeanor will always reflect the seriousness with which we represent our clients among one of their most valuable customers.

  • A Win-Win Approach

    Working with any large retailer can at times be a complicated and contentious task, and Amazon is no different. That said, our goal is to always achieve a win-win solution for our vendors and Amazon.

  • Turn-Key Service

    Our aim is to provide every vendor we represent with turn-key service. This means taking care of everything from item setup to the implementation of promotions. By doing everything in our power to take work off of our vendors’ shoulders, we can make your partnership with Amazon as painless and fruitful as possible.

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